Select value from pickerwheel

Not able to select value from pickerwheel with the following configuration:

Appium Desktop: 1.6.4
IOS Simulator: Iphone 7, OS: 10.3
appium-java-client: 5.0.00BETA7

All I have tried is:

JavascriptExecutor js = (JavascriptExecutor) driver
js.executeScript(“XCUIApplication().pickerWheels[“Position - picker”].adjustToPickerWheelValue(“Top”)”)

((IOSDriver)driver). findElementByIosNsPredicate(format: “type CONTAINS ‘PickerWheel’”). sendKeys(“Top”)

((IOSDriver)driver). findElementByIosNsPredicate(format: “type CONTAINS ‘PickerWheel’”). setValue(“Top”)

Any quick help

Hi Forum,

I am also facing the same issue. unable to do setValue() for a pickerWheel.

only way i have gotten around this, is by using the setValue on the textfield where the pickerwheel will populate, no way to reliably move that wheel as far as i know.