Selecting a String and Doubleclicking using Selenium Java

I got a disabled textbox with below tags

id=“writingactivityId2” class=“boxSize ng-pristine ng-untouched ng-valid
ng-valid-required redactor_editor writingActivityDisabled”
ng-focus=“editing()” redactor="" readonly=""
ng-model=“workInProgress.wip” required="" contenteditable=“false”
dir=“ltr” style=“height: 300px;”
and it has a child
Automated Test 04/03/2015 15:03:43

I tried to point the driver on webElement div and on webElement P when i tried double click it selects the whole page rather than selecting the text in both the cases

My Goal is to highlight/Select the text “Automated”. When i select the text, our application enables a option to edit on top
of the text.

Can any one suggest how to select
Highlight the Text “Automated” Or double click/singleClick on the text “Automated”.

Thank You.

Got i worked using Actions