Selendroid WebDriver

In some cases it might be required to test a web application in Android’s older webview, i.e. the one used in versions 4.3 and older. For that, we can use Selendroid’s AndroidDriver. Currently it’s required to set up a separate Selendroid server instance for that.

Would it be possible to include Selendroid’s WebDriver / AndroidDriver implementation, so this can be handled from within Appium?

@Triqqo U dont need selendroid driver separatly. U need to change capabilities to Selendroid while u initalize capabilites.

refer above link.

Priyank Shah

Yes, but I’m specifically referring to automating web apps (not hybrid) via Selendroid, as described here:

Appium unfortunately doesn’t support this.

You should probably open an enhancement request on github.

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