Selenium Grid didn't help for iOS parallel execution with Appium

Since more than 2 months I have been struggling to achieve parallel execution of iOS devices in single mac machine using Selenium Grid but to my luck it didn’t give me success. Frustrated/Vexed/Disappointed I stopped using Selenium Grid and started using AppiumDriverLocalService to my luck I am successfully able to do iOS parallel execution with Appium in single mac machine…is there any issue/bug with Selenium Grid for not making it possible for Appium 1.5.3…?

Please share your desired capabilities for nodes of 2 devices which you using

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Can you please brief your question…are you asking for json file or the command used to start appium or testng xml file I am using as the content of this XML file only I am trying to use with AppiumDriverLocalService where it is working file…can you please confirm which one U r expecting from my side…?