Selenium Grid stuck when running Python Scripts

My appium config:


"capabilities": [


    "deviceName": "LMQXXXXXX",

    "platformName": "Android",

    "browserName": "Chrome",

    "platformVersion": "8.1",

    "maxInstances": 1



"configuration": {

  "cleanUpCycle": 2000,

  "timeout": 30000,

  "proxy": "org.openqa.grid.selenium.proxy.DefaultRemoteProxy",

  "url": "",

  "host": "",

  "port": 4723,

  "maxSession": 1,

  "register": true,

  "registerCycle": 5000,

  "hubPort": "4444",

  "hubHost": ""



My Selenium Grid 4 hub config:


detect-drivers = false


url = “http://localhost:4723/wd/hub

status-endpoint = “/status”

configs = [

"1", '{"appName": "chrome", "platformName": "android", "appium:platformVersion": "11"}',

"1", '{"appName": "safari", "platformName": "iOS", "appium:platformVersion": "12.1"}'


My process:
1st cmd prompt: java -jar selenium-server-4.2.1.jar hub --config path\to\hub\config
2nd cmd prompt: appium -p 4728 --nodeconfig path\to\appium\config

Then I ran my script and it got queued on Grid UI session for a bit then cleared but didn’t run my Python scripts

Am i wrong at any step ? or am i missing something ? i followed the process of the video about Appium And Selenium Grid in harmony but it didn’t work.

Any help would be my pleasure. Thank you guys

I fixed the typo in [relay] url of grid 4 hub config but the same problem remains

Console log of the hub gave me this:
[W3CCapabilityKeysValidator.validateCapability] - Support for Legacy Capabilities is deprecated; You are sending “deviceName” which is an invalid capability.

How can i fix this ?

What version of Appium is this?

I am using version 1.22.2

Add appium: prefix to all non-standard capabilities.

Should i add it to the config of selenium grid 4, appium server and my code or just my code ?

Just your Appium client as it is the one that you config the capability.