Selenium java appium android device chrome browser network data capture

Dear friends,

On Android mobile I would like to capture network data for for further debugging & analysis.

As of now on mobile device Chrome browser is not allowing do the same because of security reasons.

How can I either tweak device configuration or use proxy for the same?

Or can you please suggest some browser which allows us to the same?

@TechTeam you can use pack capture from play store

hi Pratikā€¦

Thanks for your reply.

Let me share my end to end flow with you.

  1. Automation test suite developed using Java + Selenium + Appium will open Chrome Browser on Mobile Device
  2. Once browser is opened browse URL
  3. On browser HTML5 Media player is launched having our Video SDK
  4. Automation suite monitors video duration, captures Ad details (Like Ads in YouTube videos)
  5. Monitor & Capture network calls invoked by Video SDK
  6. Read data from network calls

Can you please suggest how can use this proxy?