Selenium webdriver for appium

How I can initiate webdriver? I’m using selenium webdriver, javascript and appium

wrote a simple code, I m getting an error
TypeError: Target browser must be a string, but is ; did you forget to call forBrowser()?

const { Builder, By, Key, until } = require(‘selenium-webdriver’);

const capabilities = {
    platformName: 'Android',
    'appium:automationName': 'UiAutomator2',
    'appium:deviceName': 'emulator-5554',
    'appium:appPackage': '',
    'appium:appActivity': '.Settings',

async function testRun() {
// //Initiating the Driver
const driver = new Builder().usingServer(“”).withCapabilities(capabilities).build()

const ele = await driver.findElement(By.xpath('//*[@text="Battery"]'))

await driver.quit();


I recommend following a tutorial to get you started. Here’s a good one for webdriverio:

Appreciate the response.
But my question was for Appium+ selenium webdriver
I solved the problem by sending empty string for browser
const driver = new Builder().usingServer(“”).withCapabilities(capabilities).forBrowser(’’).build()