Self hosted agent (Macbook) to run appium tests as part of Azure pipeline

Due to security issues I am unable to use cloud services to integrate my appium tests with an existing Azure Devops pipeline. As a result I’m looking at the possibility of using a Macbook as a self hosted agent to run Appium tests. I haven’t found much information on this so I was wondering if anyone in this forum has tried a similar thing and knows if it is possible?

Is this what you are looking for? Are there more details to your issue?

I think it’s possible to do that with a MacBook, I was able to create a Windows self hosted agent myself.
But I had to start the appium server locally on my machine and not from the pipeline.

This video helped me to create the agent:
And this is my pipeline :


  • feature


name: Wiem pool


  • Agent.Name -equals LYO1-TT


  • task: Maven@3


    mavenPomFile: ‘pom.xml’

    mavenOptions: ‘-Xmx3072m’

    javaHomeOption: ‘JDKVersion’

    publishJUnitResults: true

    testResultsFiles: ‘**/surefire-reports/TEST-*.xml’

    goals: ‘clean test’


I did get this working some time ago. Basically I have a Bash task which triggers a another bash script which sits on the agent and does everything from setting up dependencies to starting emulators and running appium as you mentioned.