send_keys does not work w/ Xcod6 despite enabling Soft Keyboard - Please Help

Hey Guys -

I read the previous discuss posts and notes in the doc about send_keys having issues in Xcode6, and that we need to launch each simulator we use in Appium at least once & press cmd+k in a text field to open the soft keyboard.

Well … it seems that I am having to manually click on each textfield my scripts uses send_keys for & press cmd+k every time my app runs.

For example, here’s some code to handle the login screen :
wait { find_element(:name, ‘UserName’).send_keys username }
find_element(:name, ‘Password’).send_keys password
click_button ‘SignIn’

Everytime I run my script, I must manually click & press cmd+k in both the username & password textfields to get my script to send_keys properly.

This does not sound correct. I am running on an iPhone5S iOS 7.1 simulator w/ Appium 1.3.1.

Any thoughts? Feedback is appreciated - thanks!

Can anyone help or comment on this?
I downloaded 1.3.3_beta & I’m still having the problem.

Thank You.

Hey Guys -

I have more information. So, if I add default text to my username textfield & password securetextfield, send_keys works just fine. The keyboard pops up & Appium types right into the textfield, cool.

But … when I clear the text first, it goes back to not working. Appium clears the text, then I see the keyboard flash for a brief fraction of a second & nothing gets typed into the textfield.

Can someone please help me with this? These seems like a bug. Thank You

"I had the same issue. My solution was as follows:

iOS Simulator -> Hardware -> Keyboard
Uncheck “Connect Hardware Keyboard”
Mine was checked because I was using my mac keyboard, but if you make sure it is unchecked the iPhone keyboard will always come up. "

Thanks to this post