sendKey() function Deletes existing text in Edit text

Hi, In my Appium Autotest (for Android) i have an edit box Which must be filled in with names of people one by one with a loop ( I filled the edit box with sendKey().
The first time that I go to the field with the loop and use sendKey() the name is type in the field. But the second time that i enter to the field in the loop and I want to add another name to the existing text in the field using sendKey() its deletes the text that was in the field and type new name from the beginning. I can not add new text to existing text. Each time the sendKey() deletes the existing text. Why and how do you arrange it ?

I want that at the end of the loop the editbox will be filled with all name names

Thanks !

use keyboard instead of some view when you send text.

// tap first into input
new TouchAction((MobileDriver) driver).tap(some_element).perform();
((AndroidDriver) driver).getKeyboard().sendKeys("text_1");
((AndroidDriver) driver).getKeyboard().sendKeys("text_2");

thanks For your help. its working now :slight_smile: