sendKeys Issue with large data


I have an issue with Appium test run where I am trying to test the character limit for a Android Mobile application message content field (Limit is 8000 characters) and I was trying to use the sendKeys to type in a randomly generated data content in the value and click on the ‘Send’ button once the entry is done. Now this works well for small values (60-100 chars) but when I test this for the limit set for the field I get toAppiumLogs.txt (189.3 KB)
notice something strange. The content is entered for many thousand characters and after that it clicks somewhere in the middle on the already entered text and then from there on starts to clear the content (which takes some time as lot of data is already entered). Any reason why this would be happening as I would have expected the field to accommodate all the 8000 characters without a glitch. I am attaching the appium logs here.

Thanks …


The issue was found with Appium V1.7.1 running the test on Android 7 device but when I rerun the test on Appium 1.4.16 on Android 4 Devices (not sure if the issue is with Android 7 or with latest Appium version or something else :frowning: