SendKeys sending wrong keys

Hi, Short question.

My send.Keys() method is not working correctly. Im trying to sendKeys(“123456-7”) but in the application its shown as “1234567-”, the appium server even says info: [debug] [BOOTSTRAP] [debug] Sending plain text to element: 123456-7.

Any idea what might be wrong?
Android, Java , Appium

Thanks for help


you should upgrade your appium version and try again.

I also have one device that is not able to receive the text from sendkeys in proper order, for that device I use adb command inside a loop for each character. In pseudo-code it looks like this

String text = "mystring"
for (char ch: text.toCharArray()) {
    adb -s «id» shell input text «ch»

For spaces I send %s

Hi, maybe stupid question.
But when I start appium it says "

Checking if an update is available
Update not available

Also the latest version when I download from their page is, what am I missing?

Well, GUI version is still not available. You can download appium latest version with

npm install -g appium

and there is also some tips around on how to use old GUI with new appium. Jonathan yesterday opened an issue to release a new appium GUI :slight_smile: so that option will also be available soon I guess:

Thanks for your help, appreciate it!