Session not created error

Hi All,

I am able to launch the appium server, but after l;auching the server and clicking on Inspector button error message “[BaseDriver] SessionNotCreatedError: A new session could not be created. Details: The desiredCapabilities object was not valid for the following reason(s): deviceName can’t be blank.”. Please let me know how to resolve this issue?
Appium Version: 1.5.3 (Ara)
Xcode version: 7.3.1
Device: iPhone 6s (iOS: 10.2)Error.txt (12.4 KB)

PFB the setting in appium

You can inspect or launch appium 1.5.3 for IOS10.2, You need Appium 1.6 (Xcode>8), You can follow steps from Setup IOS.
And to inspect elements you can follow: Appium Inspector in IOS10

@Swapan_Chhabra … So do I have to upgrade Appium version to 1.6 and xcode version to 8 since my iOS version is 10.2?

Absolutely buddy otherwise not possible!
You can update appium to latest 1.6.4 and xcode to 8.3.

@Swapan_Chhabra … So where from I can download Appium 1.6.4?

npm install -g appium