Set up running tests on real iOS devices

Hello, everyone!
I only started to work with Appium and want to run UI tests on real iOS devices.
The basic conditions are:

  1. I am using Intellij IDEA for storing and running my tests
  2. My stack is : Appium + WebdriverIO + Mocha
  3. App for test is already installed on my physical test iOS devices (so I do not need to have .ipa file)

My question is:
Which settings should be made from my side and from my developers team side to configure running on real devices?

start from → Real Device Configuration - Appium XCUITest Driver

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Thanks! I was able to set up run on iOS devices.

@Aleksei - i see this page is not available now, i am still getting this error with ios 17.2 and xcode 15.2

Failed to create session. An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: Unable to launch WebDriverAgent because of xcodebuild failure: xcodebuild failed with code 70. This usually indicates an issue with the local Xcode setup or WebDriverAgent project configuration or the driver-to-platform version mismatch. Consider setting ‘showXcodeLog’ capability to true in order to check the Appium server log for build-related error messages… Make sure you follow the tutorial at Try to remove the WebDriverAgentRunner application from the device if it is installed and reboot the device.

Updated link to new location