Set_value clears text fields after setting value

Native iOS
iPad 7.1
Appium 1.2.4

Has anyone seen a set_value command clear the field, set the value and then clear the field? It leaves the field empty. How do you get around this?

I was using send_keys but that has its own issues. Looking for a stable way to set values into a TextField.

Failing nearly all tests with set_value due to text being cleared. Reverted back to send_keys and will pass tests at around a 75% rate (25% failure due to send_keys failure).

Python code snippet with set_value:

remarks = (self.driver.find_elements_by_class_name(“UIATableView”)[1].
remarks.set_value(“DO NOT POST FLIGHT PLAN”)

Known issue with 1.2.4?

Did you try using set_value again from the latest version of Appium-Python-Client and is it working for you? I tried by values are getting cleared