Setting Time Zone for tests

Hi All,

I have tests that verify data in one time zone and then verify data in another time zone. (for iOS and Android)

I see only two ways in which I’m currently moving:

  1. Create another emulator in which set time zone to another (it will help with Android, but not with iOS)
  2. Automating steps to close the app, click on home button, setting, Date and Time, time zone and select from list.(could be not stable, and didn’t verify yet if on iOS I can perform actions besides the app)

But I would like to do it in easier way.

Is it possible to set time zone (or at least time) by Appium? Are there any settings that need to be passed on initialization of driver? Or any command? Or any way?

Thanks in advance!

The third solution is changing time via ADB but it is for Android only and requires launching of a new process.