Setup and Run Appium-Tests Without Emulator

I just started learning Appium because my job requires me to include it into their Automation Testing Framework. However, the company won’t allow me to download an Android Emulator (or even install HAXM) b/c of 3rd party issues.

How may I set up my Appium-Tests without the need for an emulator? Also, is it possible run tests on apks without the emulator too?

I understand that it is similar to Selenium WebDriver that it needs to visually emulate the task. But, if there’s a workaround, I’d appreciate it.

Preferably, I like to use Eclipse IDE. But, if you can only provide solutions with Android Studio or IntelliJ, I’ll be just as happy.


you can use real devices and automate your test cases on it.

Thank you for your response.

But, it appears my company doesn’t have that option available. Are there methods to only output the results w/o involving a phone (emulator or real device)?

i don’t think so you can test mobile automatically in headless mode like web, you need to use mobile (real device or emulator)

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