setValue input not display in the app interface

hi all, I’m trying to automate APK using appium, webdriver io. the APK is create by using flutter. I can interact with app buttons like can tap, tap on button and move to next page etc. but when i tring to send value using setValue() back log shows action completd but I cant see value on the interface display. Why?![image|690x216](upload://yWoG7vhBN



i also tried;
element.setValue(“ text here”); but it not working

share page source and how you search elements

here is the page source

how you look for elements…

i didnt get it. u mean automation script?

use better something like:

// Java
        List<WebElement> inputs = driver.findElements(AppiumBy.className("android.widget.EditText"));
        // take first input
        inputs.get(0).sendKeys("your text");
        // if it will not work use keyboard
        new Actions(driver).sendKeys("your text").perform();

hi Aleksei,
I’ll try. Thank you so much for the reply