SetValue sometimes doesn't work for iOS 8.1 on Sauce

I’m using appium 1.3.4 with iOS 8.1 emulator on Sauce, java lib 2.1.0. Sauce connect is disabled. I have a following line in the very beginning of each test:
that looks for a email input field by AccessibilitId and then sets value.
Randomly i get the following:
info: [debug] Responding to client with error: {“status”:17,“value”:{“message”:“An error occurred while executing user supplied JavaScript.”,“origValue”:“Unexpected error in -[UIATextField_0x7fed3b425d10 setValue:], /SourceCache/UIAutomation_Sim/UIAutomation-430/Framework/UIAElement.m line 1088, kAXErrorCannotComplete”}

is there a way to avoid this? it’s ruining the whole point of automation for me.