Should Appium switch to io.js?

Some of us are in favor of switching to io.js

Appium is already io.js compatible and we would make sure tests pass and all that.

Would switching from Node.js to io.js be an issue for anybody? I’m asking here in case our users have specific company requirements that would make this move impossible.

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Yes, appium should switch.

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Hey jonahss,

Thanks for asking :smile:

If it will change the way we are using to start the server significantly, then I am not in favor of it.
Here is how we are doing it right now: Launching and stopping appium server programmtically

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@Hassan_Radi If you were to switch, you’d have to change exe path to iojs.exe, but everything else would stay the same.

Hi @jonahss,

We have been using Appium for past 5 months and its a great tool.
But there are few issues which keep coming when executing tests through Appium, like

  1. unknown server side error occurred
  2. file not found exception,…, window dump hierarchy
  3. chromedriver exited unexpectedly

With the move to io.js, will these issues be addressed ?
Could you also elaborate if this change means any significant difference in the way we use Appium, hope this question does not appear quite naive


With my test automation tools I value stability and consistency highest. Nothing is more frustrating when a new version of some dependency or the tool itself is released and it causes problems with things that were working acceptably before.

The io.js weekly release schedule seems great if you’re wanting to get bug fixes and new features, scary if every week some potential regression / breakage / deprecation is going to occur.

@0x1mason Thanks :smile: