showIOSLog capability


I would like to print some iOS logs in the Appium console. However, when I setCapability("showIOSLog", true) a great amount of information is printed in the console, which I would like to ignore. This has caused the test set to run much slower, taking double the time it took before. The objective of enabling “showIOSLog” is to just see some relevant print statements I have in XCode. All these statements (those that I want to ignore and those that I want to display) are printed in the Appium console at LOG_LEVEL “info” or lower.

I have tried to use the apple Logger structure ( in XCode to give the statements I want to print a higher level (error or warn):
Logger().warning("This is a warning message")
However, this is not being printed in the Appium console.

Is there any way I could achieve this objective, without printing a huge amount of data in the Appium console?