Sign in to Google account with Appium

I am testing an Android app using Appium. The app integrates with a google account. I would like to know if it is possible to sign in to Google Account with my own credential when the app startup by Appium.

no one knows your app. only you can check this.

Yep you are right :slight_smile: But I would like to know if Appium supports from scratch the possibility to sign in to google play market with the existed google account. Such functionality supports in BrowserStack:

So before the android app starts as a precondition for the test my account has to be login in google play market on the Android emulator and then start execution tests for my app.

BrowserStack just uses the public APIs for this. You can do the same but you don’t need Appium.

Appium is needed to test my android app but before executing tests on the Android emulator I have to sign in to Google Android Market on the emulator. So I’m interesting in how I can automatically perform authorization in the Google play market before execution tests on the emulator

Hey there!
Did you find any way to do it?)
Or we should just automate that part as well?))