Simply installing Appium 2.0

Hi there, have a good day!
yes, I am noob but I dont understand inspiteofthat
appium/ at master · appium/appium (

There is written:

Simply installing Appium 2.0 (e.g., by npm install -g appium ), will install the Appium server only, but no drivers. To install drivers, you must instead use the new [Appium extension

So I did on Win10pro:

npm uninstall --global appium
npm install --global appium --drivers=xcuitest,uiautomator2

But still not version2
C:\Users\cause>appium --v

Am I doing wrong?

use npm install -g appium@next command

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many thanx
many thanx
many thanx

@mykola-mokhnach, hello! What’s the correct way to uninstall appium 2.0?
npm uninstall -g appium@next doesn’t remove it

i had same problem, but even with the flag @next

the reason was, i had outdated npm and node. :man_facepalming:
after that it worked.

this worked for me:
sudo npm uninstall appium

of if on Mac, maybe try one of these: