Slowness with xcuitest-driver versions greater than 2.9.0 on real devices (iOS, python-client)

Has anyone else noticed slowness with xcuitest-driver versions 2.10.0 and greater with real iOS devices? For me, the tests will timeout before doing first action after starting application.

Currently I have tested with iOS 9.3.2, xcuitest-driver versions 2.10.0 and 2.12.0, appium version 1.6.4, and appium-python-client 0.24. I’m using mac OS sierra.

Tests run with xcuitest-driver version 2.9.0 run with normal speed.

@Emis I tried number of ways to boost iOS automation speed! Finally I end-up with the fact that you have to code your own handles inside device using XCTEST library for speed! This much hint I can give you. I developed a test cloud and accommodated android ,iOS ,Web and Rest but it contains my IP so can not share architecture with you!

Do you mean coding XCtest Handles inside the application?

Last lines of appium.log are [xmldom error] element parse error: TypeError: source.indexOf is not a function

@Elmis Yes! use UIautomation testcases inside your iOS application!
e.g. waitForElemet(String ElementID,int TimeOut)

How you gonna fire execution of those individual handles(iOS in device) from your script inside your mac OSX is all about your test architecture!

@Elmis All I can say is write handles inside device.I created handles to automate device like you can navigate to home screen click on your app and perform actions and I invoked those handles using java code with all error handling and app install/uninstall, app existence, reboot device etc … it is working really well. PM me here for any further questions.

Could you please explain how to do that? or give a reference… anything…

@BB Sure… PM me here