SOC 2 report from Appium

Our organization is currently in the process of ensuring compliance with industry standards, particularly with regards to SOC 2 report.
Does anybody know if Appium team can provide us a SOC 2 report for the audit purpose?

Why you think Appium server or driver sending any your data to somewhere?
PS all logs generated is your responsibility :slight_smile:

Hi Aleksei! hope you are doing well. I appreciate your concern. But I was asking whether it is possible for Appium team to provide me with a SOC 2 report or not?

Providing SOC 2 reports is not something currently in view for the Appium team. As open source self-hosted software it’s up to the user to provide additional security measures to make sure user or other data is handled appropriately. Appium does attempt to ensure that the server cannot be used for malicious purposes by non-administrators by implementing a Security flag framework. I think this is as much as we are able to provide at the current time.

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