Some of the methods from MobileElement and AppiumDriver class missing in 5.0.4

Hi, i upgraded Appium/java-client from 4.0.0 to 5.0.4 along with Selenium Java client from 2.53.0 to 3.6.0. After the upgrade in my Base class where i have all the common functions that use mobileElement.tap(1, 1); method from MobileElement class and AppiumDriverFactory.getAppiumDriver().swipe(startX, startY, startX, endY, swipeTime) and AppiumDriverFactory.getAppiumDriver().tap(1, xAxis, yAxis, 1000);from AppiumDriver class not able to find those methods. Did Appium removed those methods from the above classes. if so how can i resolve this issues.
Also TouchAction class looks like touchAction.waitAction(2000) not longer taking int. Please advise.

native int for time was replaced with Duration:

[ENHANCEMENT] [REFACTOR] Methods which were representing time deltas instead of elementary types became Deprecated. Methods which use java.time.Duration are suugested to be used. #611

The list of classes and methods which were removed:

AppiumDriver#swipe(int, int, int, int, int)
AppiumDriver#pinch(int, int)
AppiumDriver#zoom(int, int)
AppiumDriver#tap(int, WebElement, int)
AppiumDriver#tap(int, int, int, int)
AppiumDriver#swipe(int, int, int, int, int)
MobileElement#swipe(SwipeElementDirection, int)
MobileElement#swipe(SwipeElementDirection, int, int, int)
MobileElement#tap(int, int)

You should use TouchAction and MultiTouchAction. Release notes for java client in here

Thank you for your reply. is there there any specific method i can replace the swipe with.