Specify the upload timeout for stopScreenRecording

I’m trying to upload our resulting android video using the stopScreenRecording to a remote server in the UK, and 5 seconds appears to not be long enough (getting a timeout for it). I’ve looked through source and the Java client, but can’t seem to find a way to increase that timeout. Is there a place I’m missing in the AndroidStopScreenRecordingOptions or ScreenRecordingUploadOptions (using Java)?

Unfortunately this timeout is hardcoded. I’ve created a PR to increase it: https://github.com/appium/appium-support/pull/230/files

With the following code, it looks like it could be passed in with the uploadOptions (method, headers, etc… are), it just isn’t currently, am I reading it correctly?

async function uploadFileToHttp (localFileStream, parsedUri, uploadOptions = {}) {
  const {
    method = 'POST',
    timeout = DEFAULT_TIMEOUT_MS,
    fileFieldName = 'file',
  } = uploadOptions;

yes, the downstream allows to pass the timeout in options. Although, it might take a while to implement it, because “the chain” includes both the server and the client sides. You could try to do it if you want to

The patch for the default timeout has been published to beta. The current default is 4 minutes