Start appium Node siliently

Hi all, I got a question, any hints should be appreciated!
I followed this:
And I could register appium node to my grid perfectly.

But I got a problem! If I close the session which was being used to start appium --nodeconfig /path/to/nodeconfig.json , the appium node down!

Anyone can tell me a way to fix that?
Thank s in advance!

Any helps…

@pr4bh4sh @Aleksei do you guys have any hints…?

Did not clearly understand what you want to do. Can you share step by step what are you doing and what are you expecting.

Step 01
I created a device.json file with the content followed the format described her:

Step 02
I executed appium --nodeconfig /path/to/device.json

Everything is ok but once I close the terminal which was being used in the step 02 above, the appium node down.

I’m looking for another way to start it.

Do you want it to run in background and close the terminal ??

Use it like this nohup appium --nodeconfig /Path/to/nodeConfig.json -p 7026 -cp 7026 -bp 7026 --session-override -U emulator-5554_28 &

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Thank you, but when I close the terminal, the appium node is down…

What is the output when you fired the above command?

is the output like
[1] 2884
appending output to nohup.out

That was exactly what I saw, I also checked on the Grid Console and the appium node was registered successfully but after I closed the terminal, it showed failed: Connection refused... on the Grid console. Hence the appium node was not alive node anymore…

Below thread might have what you are looking for


@harshitj What a coincidence, Didn’t we just discussed specifically about this yesterday?

Strange…! It always works …

Read more about nohup

Can you also try it with something else , example: start selenium standalone server

nohup java -jar selenium-server-standalone.jar &

And close the terminal once it started successfully and then check if it remain started

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I will try to work around it, thanks @harshitj anyway.

@pr4bh4sh Yeah its a coincidence.

@harshitj @pr4bh4sh
lol, that’s so funny…

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  1. why you do not start your node automatically ones you start your test suite.
  2. if you start it in jenkins you can start it as line before starting test suite.

[1] My testing structure is really complicated so I don;t want to integrate that step.
[2] I do believe that the rest commands will be stuck for appium....

@TuHuynh sorry i do not understand how you want to start it… i prefere to start appium server (node in your case) when i start suite. and i am killing all running under port i want to open appium. thus mine appium session is always fresh (just started). and i avoid any issues of stack when it running long time.

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