Start appium server from commandline windows

How to start appium server from windows using command line, where I can specify device port also? I tried from Appium server GUI, eventhough I am using different port for running two appium server, I guess device port used by both server are same. Whenever I run appium script, it runs on only one device. I have created 2 instances of android driver. Any work around from GUI also fine. Please help

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  1. To Start Appium From Command Promt use below command:
    c:> c:\Appium\node.exe c:\Appium\node_modules\appium\bin\appium.js -a -p 4001 --no-reset
  2. if you are running appium exe then in General Setting you can set server ip and port
  3. for multiple instance, you need to use TestNG and Selenium Grid Concept
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Hi Nimesh,

Thanks for your reply, If my understanding is correct, we do use Grid when we need to run test suite simultaneously on different devices. But my requirement is to make two devices communicate with each other, not running same piece of code simultaneously on both devices. How can I achieve this?

I think I didnot mention it clearly in my question, sorry about that, my bad