startActivity with intent and extray

Hey guys,

Your new startActivity() method is great feature and it has given me new ideas in definition test cases.

Our test app have an activity which will be start a qr code scanner in camera mode.
So the camera waits until a qr code was found. This testCase is difficult to automate it easily.

My Idea:
If the qr code scanner activity call i will skip it as I call startActivity method

So with your new startActivity method i can skip waiting on qr code and continue with the next activity.

The only problem is now: how can I startActivity with intent and extras.
I have seen that we can define intent and extras in the capabilites.
It is only use for app-activity at start time probable?!

Is it possible that appium extend the functionality to put intent and extra to this.
Or is any workaround knows which i can start activity with extras.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’m also interested in this. Is there any progress on the matter?

Hi Marcel,
I’m facing the same matter. Any update on this topic so far?

I’m facing the same problem too!