Stop appium from identifying all objects on screen- iOS

I have an application which will load a long list of data on navigating to a page. Now the issue is when the data is loaded appium starts to identify the objects in the list and this goes on for about 10 minutes.
Until all the objects identification is completed, the next command is not run.

Can we not stop the object identification on navigating to a page and click on only the objects visible on the screen.

no. you can 3 options:

  1. limit number of object in list
  2. use nspredicates (they work much faster)
  3. continue with 10min waiting :slight_smile:

@SushP Otherwise you can identify your elements as an Element, not a List.

@Aleksei pls describe or suggest some link where to read how to use nspredicates on Native iOS app? I can’t get how to identify exactly XCUIElement(XCUIElementTypeButton, XCUIElementTypeStaticText) or how to convert current Xparth to nspredicate.