Stuck starting up

I have appium desktop installed and started the server and found out i needed to get a separate app for appium inspector. on trying to start the inspector i get error
Could not connect to server; are you sure it’s running? If you are using the browser version, also ensure your Appium server has been started with --allow-cors.

really stuck and not sure what to do. if anyone ever has a link of a video to proper explain ill go learn. thanks

I’ve recommended this one before on here. It’s the best one I’ve found. Nice description, screenshots, etc.

dude i dont get what im doing wrong lol. i have the server gui runniong and i have the inspector (which is separte now) and just get errors

Can you cut and paste the log from server gui?

i got it working but working on an app that doesnt allow screenshots LOL

There are example apps if you need.