Support for iOS 10.3?

With Apple’s release of 10.3 around the corner, my org is eager to test against iOS 10.3. I tried running against 10.3 by specifying plaformVersion = “10.3” in appium.txt, but I got an error saying “Sdk ‘10.3’ was not in list of simctl sdks.”

Is there something I can add to test beta versions of iOS? Or do I simply need to wait for a new Appium release?



Download ios sdk 10.3 in your xcode and you can run your scripts through appium 1.6.3 from comman line

@er.pradeep4 have Mac os 10.11.5. I have managed to connect ios device 10.3 with xcode 8.2.1. Does Appium 1.6.x still require MAC OS Sierra? Or it will work with current configuration?

It’s should work.
but better to upgrade and use latest version of appium.