Support to map,reports and charts object for automating mobile native app


I would like to know the support of Appium to google maps, Reports and charts. It will be available in our mobile app.
I request you ,please spend some time and provide your inputs.

Appreciate your help.

Application : Native Mobile App
Platform : iOS, Android and Windows

Please find below list of object.

Eris Map
Google Map
ArcGIS Map
Multiple map layers, such as roads, streams and boundaries
Pan and Zoom In/Out
Points, lines, ellipses, rectangles and polygons
Draw descriptive text
Identify features on map along lines and inside boxes, areas, polygons, and circles
Identify features within a specified distance of other features
Update attribute data associated with selected features, address, find a location
Label features with text from field values
Draw new shape - To highlight/select required area
Capture Image for Selected area
Upload image using camera/Galary to selected area
Display details, image, links - mouseover
Animated image

Line chart
Spline chart
Area chart
Column chart
Bar chart
Pie chart
Scatter chart
Polar chart

Downloadable on device
Pdf form
Text form
Image form
Tabular form



Have you got any update on same ?


On my native app, maps are developed with MAPBOX library, is there any way to automate these maps??

on the map , like selecting marker, click the marker, image …etc

please guide us immideatly