Survey on Pull Requests assessment practice

Dear appium community,

We’re conducting a survey on pull request (PR) assessment practices in open source communities (including appium). The aim of the survey is to understand how PRs are evaluated. What are the principles used in judging PRs? What is the contributor’s and maintainer’s attitude during the evaluation? etc.

We’re targeting various open source communities in this survey. It would be interesting to understand how appium PR assessment works compared to other communities.

I’ll share the results as soon as they become available. Please, participate so we can have a significant number of participants. Survey link .

Many thanks

Dear appium Community,

We haven’t had participants from appium yet, PLEASE, participate in the survey.

What value is there for us to participate?

  1. I will share the results with in the form of a report (slides containing results and analysis).
  2. For example, the report will answer these questions:
    1. What does the appium as a community value in PR assessment (e.g. trust, relationships, technical expertise, etc.)?
    2. What is the PR assessment strategy appium has in place?
    3. Does the process in place value the contributor, technical expertise or social norms? Etc.

Please, participate, survey link.

Many thanks,