Swipe duration gets ignore in Appium v1.6.5-beta

I am trying to swipe an element & perform some action which need waiting duration.
I am working iOS native app.
Here is my code:
public void swipeLeft(By locator){
RemoteWebElement iosElement=(RemoteWebElement) wd.findElement(locator);
JavascriptExecutor js = (JavascriptExecutor) wd;
HashMap<String, String> swipeObject = new HashMap<String, String>();
swipeObject.put(“direction”, “left”);
swipeObject.put(“duration”, “5000”);
swipeObject.put(“element”, iosElement.getId());
js.executeScript(“mobile: swipe”, swipeObject);
Here, element is getting swipe but don’t wait to perform any action on it.
Has anyone came across such issue?