Swipe is not working

I tried swiping with the following command "wd.swipe(startx,starty , endx, starty, 3000); " but is not working
instead it is swiping from top to bottom

are endX - Relative or Absolute? try both.

endx = (int) ((size.width/3)* 0.20); this is my endx
because in my application they have used split view…so only 1/3 of the screen contains content rest of the screen contains images.

can you also say how to swipe in a split view

in split view - did not try yet.

mine versions:
appium 1.6.1-beta
java-client version is 4.1.2

mine logs when i do swipe Up (you did not say how you need to swipe :-):
scrollTo: u
screen width = 375
screen height = 667
x_start = 187
y_start = 662
y_end = 542

code is: ((AppiumDriver) driver).swipe(x_start, y_start, x_start, y_end, duration);

Sorry Ale i need to swipe from right to left in this split view…my app looks same like this…Thanks for your logs

hey @Aleksei DO you know how to use the attribute of “type” in the new appium ios inspector?

@deepikathiru no idea. i am using getPageSource()

@Aleksei I have my xpath like this…//XCUIElementTypeCollectionView/XCUIElementTypeCell[2]/XCUIElementTypeStaticText in which XCUIElementTypeCell is an array i have to get the value of “XCUIElementTypeStaticText” …

first - get page source and double check that looking text really exists in it.
second - write here this element to see what attribute you are looking for.

okay…I checked it exists in the page

You can watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rHe0r6YsVg