SwipeableWebDriver for Android native app?

I started learning about Appium a week ago and I am testing a native Android app. I only saw one post about SwipeableWebDriver in https://discuss.appium.io. Am I using the correct driver class?

public void setUp() throws Exception {
            //Assign SwipeableWebDriver to WebDriver driver
	driver = new SwipeableWebDriver(new URL(WEBDRIVER_URL), capabilities);
	loginPage = PageFactory.initElements(driver, LoginPage.class);
	feedPage = loginPage.testLogin(EMAIL, PASSWORD, SERVER);

public class SwipeableWebDriver extends RemoteWebDriver implements HasTouchScreen {

	private RemoteTouchScreen touch;

	public SwipeableWebDriver(URL remoteAddress,
			Capabilities desiredCapabilities) {
		super(remoteAddress, desiredCapabilities);
		touch = new RemoteTouchScreen(getExecuteMethod());

	public TouchScreen getTouch() {
		return touch;

See here:

Thank you for the links!!