Swiping left not working on iOS

Swiping left does not work on ios 9.3.2 and Appium 1.6.3. Giving a command to swipe right :

POST {“sessionId”: “efdf304b-1a8e-47f0-8904-d293174da2eb”, “actions”: [{“action”: “press”, “options”: {“y”: 333.5, “x”: 10.0}}, {“action”: “wait”, “options”: {“ms”: 500}}, {“action”: “moveTo”, “options”: {“y”: 333.5, “x”: 375.0}}, {“action”: “release”, “options”: {}}]}

swipes the screen accordingly. However giving command to swipe left:

POST {“sessionId”: “bbe43abb-36af-48ce-aa30-38cfb537aed0”, “actions”: [{“action”: “press”, “options”: {“y”: 333.5, “x”: 365.0}}, {“action”: “wait”, “options”: {“ms”: 500}}, {“action”: “moveTo”, “options”: {“y”: 333.5, “x”: 10.0}}, {“action”: “release”, “options”: {}}]}

Swipes the screen up instead.

Can you please share the command

appium_lib = BuiltIn().get_library_instance(‘AppiumLibrary’)

appium_lib.swipe(width_start, height_start, width_stop, height_stop, duration)

This function with the values described in the original post

Are you giving up the values statically? or calculating from the screen size.

Calculating from the screen size

Just updating that the I still have the same problem