Switch between apps


Hi ,
I have a scenario which I need to switch Apps.
actually, I’m starting with the browser, then I need to have some information from notification bar and then switch back to the browser.
I managed to do each process as a stand-alone. but now I’m struggeling doing it as End to End process.
Thanks in advance

How to handle redirects from one app to another

AFAIK this is impossible. If you succeed somehow please update here!


Hi Yaniv_Eliav,

What you need to do is just perform the required action on the browser and then do the following:
// to open notification bar
// Get the information from Notification bar
String info=driver.findElement(By.id(“Element_on_NotificationBar”)).getText(();
// Switch back to Browser

and then continue the operations on browser.

Hope this resolves your problem :smile:



Thank you for the response Abdul_Sathar_Beigh.
I will give it a chance later today.
According to your suggestion, I believe that the opened session needs to be the chrome driver and the AndroidDriver is a manipulation which doesnt need to be opened as a session. Correct?


Yes you are correct :slightly_smiling:


In Android this is possible, but it is not possible on IOS.


Unfortunately, I’m getting the next error:

Result Message:	System.InvalidCastException : Unable to cast object of type 'OpenQA.Selenium.Remote.RemoteWebDriver' to type 'OpenQA.Selenium.Appium.Android.AndroidDriver`1[OpenQA.Selenium.Appium.AppiumWebElement]'.


Hi Yaniv_Eliav,

Maybe you are not casting the driver object properly. Can you just post code so that I can help you with that.



Hi Abdul_Sathar_Beigh,
Thank you.
eventually , I managed (Thanks to another user here @jitenderbhardwaj ).
The solution was to Change to NATIVE_APP and then back to WEBVIEW_1 context.


Hi @Abdul_Sathar_Beigh

This is working spot on Android,

But for IOS I tired below things to go back to App…
//Using xpath -
driver.findElement(By.xpath("//UIAButton[@name =‘back to app’]"));

//for this I’m getting instruments crash error and some time null pointer excpetions

//Using BackButton

//this is doing nothing…

Any suggestions for IOS to go back to app


Below is how i achieved it using python:

context.driver = Driver()

context.driver.instance.start_activity(package name of the activity to be launched,
activity name )
#do something on this activity

context.driver.instance.start_activity(package name of another activity to be launched,
activity name)
#do something on this activity