Switch native to web, getting rendering issue

After switching from native to web view, not fetching the element in web view and getting below error after 5 mins of interval time.
org.openqa.selenium.TimeoutException: timeout: Timed out receiving message from renderer: 10.000
(Session info: chrome=104.0.5112.97)

(Driver info: chromedriver=104.0.5112.79 (3cf3e8c8a07d104b9e1260c910efb8f383285dc5-refs/branch-heads/5112@{#1307}),platform=Windows NT 10.0.22621 x86_64)

Build info: version: ‘3.141.59’, revision: ‘e82be7d358’, time: ‘2018-11-14T08:17:03’

System info: host: ‘L-5CD2526L3P’, ip: ‘’, os.name: ‘Windows 10’, os.arch: ‘amd64’, os.version: ‘10.0’, java.version: ‘11.0.12’

Driver info: io.appium.java_client.android.AndroidDriver

Maybe you have several webViews…
Also make sure you use latest android UiAutomator2 driver.