Switch to Facebook app iOS

I am automating a native iOS app, where after tapping Register with Facebook, the Facebook app opens, where the user can input his login credentials. The problem is that after the Facebook app is opened, no elements can be interacted with, though they are located in the Appium inspector.
So is there any way to interact with the opened Facebook app and tap Login, to return to the original app?

Appium Version: 1.4.13
Mac OS X: 10.11.4
Device: iPhone5 / iOS 9.3
Xcode Version: 7.3

Here is a screen of the 2 opened apps:

Appium will not locate element in Facebook app, because installed Facebook is not debug app. Only thing you can do, is ask dev team to mock registration process.

Doesn’t Facebook provide with any debug app, for the purpose of automating the Login process only?. Not that I know of, but that’s a huge drawback on the side of iOS when it comes to automating anything connecting to Facebook, which is almost any app.

No, The Facebook app installed in any IOS device is release app. Appium works only with debug app, and instrument/detect only those parts.

@Arokh Can you please share how you solve this issue ?

My AUT is native iOS app which has got scenario related to connect with facebook or google.

I’m able to do these but before start of test case, I want to make sure to log out of fb and google.