Switching between windows or tabs in I Phone or Android is not performed?

I tried switching of windows in I Phone (even android) but failed to perform the switching.
Is switching possible of windows possible in I Phone or not.

Here is the switching code:

for (String winHandle : driver.getWindowHandles()) {
if (!(parentHandle == winHandle)) {
System.out.println("In for Loop ");

Please provide possible cause for this switching not happening in I Phone or Android but same code works fine in windows system with all browser combinations.

@naveen578 Did you get it working, can you please share the solution ? Even I’m facing same issue for Chrome on Android.

Thanks in advance.

Solved :slight_smile:

Hi Vikram
Can You please help me out?
Even I am facing same issue , I am unable to switching Between Tabs and also Unable close Current tab?
I am Using C# Language
If Anyone Help me out that would be a greatfull

I’ve already posted the link which has got the solution.