Switching to WebView on Real IOS device is considering as if its running on safari

I am trying to run a hybrid app on a real device with appium verison 1.6.3. It is hiding some of the buttons at the javascript layer and also not able to access cordova camera app for capturing the image after switching to the webview.
Switching to webView is considering as if the app is running on a safari browser and its hiding the buttons, which is the way the app works when opened in a browser.
Manually logging in to the app on the real device I am able to access the button and also able to capture the image.

To Add more info - Front End/ UI is developed with Sencha and it has few buttons which when clicked on will call the cordova native plugin to open camera to do vin scan or capture images. But these buttons are disabled because the app is considering as if it’s running on a web browser and it’s hiding the buttons.

Running the app manually on the ipad shows the build info as Running URL - file:////var/Containers/Bundle/Application/XXXXXX…/www/index.html?t=1&w=abcd&host=www.abc.com
Running the same app with appium - Running URL - https://www.abc.com