System google chrome Bluetooth popup automation


I have tried a few days to automate click on the Bluetooth system popup (in my point of view this is like file uploader popup) in Google Chrome to pair our own device.
You could find sample provided by google on:
Note: you need to BLE is turned on and click on “scan” button

At first I have used selenium but I didn’t found any data, function, etc about this popup in debug mode.
After google research I have found that people can not manipulate with file uploader only by selenium (could not found any information about Bluetooth popup)

After that I have tried appium with mac driver, but mac driver does not see any information about web elements.

Could somebody advise is it possible to automate this with appium or selenium only?

Thank you.

If you want to select any bluetooth device appearing in search list and click on Pair, then you can do it in Appium.
When that permission pop up occurs just switch to the native context and the you can interact with this pop up and switch back to the web context.

But this is valid only for mobile devices. If we are talking about mac or windows this is impossible as described in documentation:

So as I understand for now I could not get result with appium?