terminateApp command is causing the app locale to be reset to device locale

My goal here is to close the app mid session and restart it and continue testing from the beginning of app flow.
I start the application in French locale “fr_FR” via capabilities and in mid session using “terminateApp” to close the application. When I restart it using “activateApp” the app locale is set to en_US which is set in device by default.

What platform/driver it is?

My bad, I’m tring on iOS: 17, XCUITest: 5.4.0 with appium:2.1.3

Try this:
params = {"bundleId": "your_bundle_id", "arguments": ["-AppleLanguages", "(FR)", "-NSLanguages", "(FR)", "-AppleLocale", "fr_FR"]} driver.execute_script("mobile: launchApp", params)


Thanks that did the trick.
I was able to use it after terminateApp and the app launched with fr_FR locale.