Test App in combination with hardware

Hi all,

I’m pretty new at automated app testing, so please be forbearing with me. :slight_smile:

We are going to develop an app, which is going to communicate with hardware (e. g. like “Philips Hue”).

So do you guys think it would be possible to automate the app with Appium and connect it with the hardware, so that the script would communicate in real time with the hardware?

For example with “Hue”: The script says to the app to turn on the light; the mobile device is connected with the Hue and the light goes up.

Hope I explained it clearly. :slight_smile:

Thanks you!

If you just mean “can you control an app using appium that does something outside the phone” then absolutely yes! If you want to validate that it connects to hue / changes something in the third-party software, you’ll have to do that out-of-band of appium with a third-party-client for what you’re looking at (for example, our app does things on a remote server that I use REST calls to validate)