Test deep links with iPhone simulator

Hi everyone !

Impossible to find a solution, so I ask your help.

I want to test deeplinks with an App I test on my simulator. The deep links are obviously like appname://command.

But how to test it ? Is there a way to send a command to the iPhone simulator (like ADB for Android) ? Or Have I to follow a link is Safari, so I’ll have to change context etc…

Find me a solution would be an awesome christmas present :smile:

On our app we have a ‘development/debug’ mode/screen that has ‘deep linking’ buttons. You click the button & the deep link opens the app to that Screen of the app. Very simple, but it took working closely with Developers to get a good working solution.

Just to enumerate:

  1. Use Appium to open & register app
  2. Use Appium to navigate to ‘Development/Debug’ Screen, and then to ‘deep links’ Screen
  3. Verify that the ‘deep link’ took us to the correct screen <–if so pass test
  4. Use Appium to navigate back to ‘deep links’ Screen
  5. Iterate for each deep link
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Sorry for the delay, but thanks for the answer ! I’m gonna do the same :slightly_smiling:

how do i navigate to ‘Development/Debug’ Screen? is it supposed to happen in real device?

Depends how your Developer wrote that feature. For me, when using a debug build of the app I am tasked with testing I can navigate to ‘settings->debug’. Real device, simulator, doesn’t matter. YMMV.

just linking both questions together Deep link in ios with appium