Test iOS app downloded from the App Store, could it be possible?

Hi everyone,

I would like to test different iOS Apps using Appium. However, the apps are directly downloaded from the App Store and installed in a real device.

Could it be possible to automate the app in this scenario using Appium?

Thank you

Don’t think that is possible, since you need to look for the element locators of the ipa file, which is only possible when you have the code checked out to your machine.

Apple won’t let you run instruments on a build that is signed with a distribution certificate. Appium uses instruments under the hood, so downloading from the App Store and testing is not possible.

You can’t automate a build downloaded from the App Store.

For Instruments/Appium to connect to the application on a real device, it need to have the .ipa file signed with a “Development” certificate that includes the UDID of the target device.

You can not use a “Distribution” certificate, which is what all App Store builds are signed with.


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That was my initial feeling, but just to confirm with the Appium community

Thank you to everyone!!!

Hi guys:
need some help
i need to do automation on real ios device(e.g. click on setting preferences button , click on camera) and also other real app that already installed from the app store
is there a way to change back the app to developer identity from the distribution one ? that appium will work with the bundle id of app
if not ,is there any other solution for that (other automation tool for ios)?
can we start appium without any app path or bundle id is there any workaround for that problem?

Thanks a lot