Test the scroll of an activity

I am trying to test how smooth is the scrolling of a certain activity. The app used to feel chunky while scrolling the homepage, now its feel smooth. This test can occur with different mobile devices with different hardware specifications. Is there a way I can test the frame per second of the scroll, or how smooth it is?

I’m sorry for the vague question, I can not turn it into a technical question. I was thinking about testing using the flingForward function and do quick assertions ( minimal timeout) to assert that the scroll was fast enough. Please let me know of your ideas too!

Thank you!

why not enable ‘show refresh rate’ in ‘Developer menu’?

Hi @Aleksei
Can this be automated?

How I see it is that if I am able to get the refresh rate of the device and scroll, I can apply an assertion for a specific threshold. For example, if the refresh rate’s default value is 60 and the app caused it to drop below 55 while scrolling and loading the components then I will raise an alarm.

If we’re able to automate such an alarm/assertion, it would work well with checking if the app is suitable for multiple device manufactures and models (having lower hardware spec than the more modern devices).

Well you need to think about it. check also ‘adb’ commands (something like: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23122650/get-frame-rate-statistics-on-android)
I do not have ‘silver bullet’. Just give some ideas where I will look to solve it.

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Hi @Aleksei,
Thank you for the suggestion, I implemented such approach and the result helps. However, it can not be ran on a cloud service. I’ll be checking for another approach that does not include CLI commands to analyse the performance.
Thank you

you can try use appium way of sending adb commands. http://appium.io/docs/en/writing-running-appium/android/android-shell/